True Green Amber

The only island in the Caribbean where amber is found is the Dominican Republic. At least up to now.

But, and this is most amazing, besides the regular honey, brown and black, it is found in green. true green Caribbean amber, old enough to be called “amber”. And this is not all. It also is found in purple, eggplant, teal and the most rare blue.  Although its existence has been known since the discovery of the island “La Hispaniola” by Christopher Columbus, Dominican amber mines are only a major source of amber during the last 50 or so years.

Unfortunately, because there is not much publicity, uninformed people who have not bought it on a visit to the island, may not even know about it and therefore place the origin of Amber in the Baltic, Lithuania, Poland, Russia etc.  Seems that some still have to discover the “New World”. LOL

Fact is that in the Dominican Republic you will find the original. old Caribbean green amber with an age of between 20 and 40 million years.

Green Dominican Amber

Green Dominican Amber

The outcrop of Dominican amber is much, much less than Baltic amber, therefore it is RARE in the true meaning and not all over the world and therefore a bit more expensive.  Hence, it is not the amber jewelry you will see in the Supermarket next door or at the flea market in your neighborhood. And – this is VERY important – it is never treated, never “enhanced”, just natural amber as it comes from the mines. The real McCoy.

Unfortunately, the uninformed public does not know the difference between natural and artificial, and believes whatever is being said on TV and by the press or on commercial web sites. If you want to learn more about our green amber, read here: For more information about what natural amber is all about, read